No way. Say it ain't so. And this from a guy that tries to eat a salad every day. But there's a survey out there that lists our favorite side dishes state by state. They say Maine's fave is a side salad. Again, I love salad way more then you do. But I can't imagine who they asked and how many they asked to get a side salad to be the most popular side at Thanksgiving.

Here's a few  items I would have picked if they'd only have asked me.

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Stuffing has be up there on everyone's list, right. How often do we get to eat stuffing? Only a couple times a year. I eat a lot of turkey through the year, but not stuffing. I buy a rotisserie turkey almost every week. It's only the breast, and it's good. Like a rotisserie chicken, but it's turkey breast.  Love it hot for a meal. Then I get 2 or 3 sandwiches out of the rest of it.

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Potatoes has to be listed as a favorite side dish at Thanksgiving. Especially in Maine. They're everywhere. And so many people make mashed potatoes just a little bit differently, that they make a great surprise change of pace. Some load 'em up with garlic. Some chives. Butter of course. Hard not to vote for mashed potatoes.

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Higher on the list in the south, but how about mac and cheese. First ballot induction in the Comfort Food Hall of Fame, no doubt about it.

green bean casserole
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Green Bean casserole, again something that is made a tad differently by different people. I wonder is green bean casserole a generational thing. Seems it's mostly someone elderly who brings it to the pot luck dinner.

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Corn is one of the most popular vegetables in America. So are Peas and Carrots. But the survey says 'Side Salad' is the favorite side dish in Maine for Thanksgiving. Who knew?

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Here's hoping you can find numerous things to be Thankful for this year, and your gathering is safe and Covid free.

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