This has to be fake. Has to be. And it's pretty much been proven that it is. Either that or this woman made herself out to be the most snobby funsponge in a relationship.

Ring Pop Proposal

It's been a running joke for decades and probably pretty much since the Ring Pop debuted back in 1980 (according to Business Insider) -- marriage proposals with a Ring Pop. Some jokingly proposed with one. There are even stories out there of legit proposals with Ring Pops, and the couples still have the same Ring Pop to this day (well, unless they divorced.)

But a few nights ago at a Boston Red Sox/Toronto Blue Jays game in Toronto, a "proposal" involving a Ring Pop went horribly wrong when the man who dropped down to a knee was slapped across the face by his would-be fiancee, who asked him "what the f*** [he was] doing" and dumped her drink on him.

Clearly a Marketing Stunt

There are three ways to look at this: 1) The guy is an absolute moron for not only rocking a public proposal (which can always be a dicey move) but rocking a public proposal WITH A RING POP. 2) This woman clearly has ZERO sense of humor and did the guy a favor by essentially dumping him, regardless of the public embarrassment. 3) Pay close enough attention to the actual Instagram post on Alex's page, and it's glaringly obvious this is complete BS.


First off, you can see in the video that it's watermarked with the TikTok account for LoveLostManhattan, which is a bikini brand, according to their website. The same video posted on Alex's Instagram is also posted on the LoveLostManhattan TikTok account as well, with a caption that mentions LoveLostManhattan bikinis being perfect for proposals (insert eyeroll here.)

Also, in the post on Alex's Instagram, there are hashtags related to the actual LoveLostManhattan brand, including #LoveLostManhattan, #ShopLoveLostManhattan, #LoveLostGirls, #bikini and #swimwear. Weird hashtags for a video that shows you getting rejected from a marriage proposal.

Even weirder to post your proposal rejection, too.

Plus, the final hint is in Alex's profile section on his Instagram page, which links to the LoveLostManhattan website as well as an entry that says "The ring pop proposal guy."

Welcome to 2022, where nothing is true and anything you see is just another attempt to go viral. Also, what a weird way to sell bikinis.

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