Did you get your four legged furry friend in the room when we played this on the show today?

It seems like there has been a Christmas song for everything, except for dogs. Well now that has changed, and “Raise The Woof” is blowing up on social media. Tails.com, a pet food company in the United Kingdom created the song and based it on noises that dogs would react to in a positive way. It’s also based on scientific research into the ways dogs interact with sound, and has input from animal behaviorists.

The tune includes squeaky toys, whistling, barking, and sure to please phrases like “good girl”, “good boy”, “treat” and the popular British saying “walkies” we played it on the Z Morning Show, and had several people tell us that their dog didn’t have much of a reaction, and Sarah found it rather disturbing, so naturally I kept playing it over and over. There are several videos that folks have posted that show their pooches barking, wagging their tail, and tilting their heads when they hear it.

Now if you want to get technical about it, “The Singing Dogs” were a musical recording project released back in the 1950s, that did a cover of “Jingle Bells” that featured splices of dogs barking. The novelty song became a hit, reaching #22 on the US Billboard Pop Singles chart. It actually sold over a million copies.

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