While you're sitting there writing out the week's grocery list, you may want to take this in.

For the past week or so we've asked both our online readers and our on-air listeners where their "go-to" grocery store is. You know, the place where you feel the most comfortable shopping, where you know they'll have what you're looking for, and the place that's the most convenient for you to stop at. Not to mention the place that's not going to break the bank.

We took a lot of votes with this one. People love their food. Go figure.

The outcomes have been interesting over the past three months or so as we've held surveys on where to find the very best lobster rollsbarbeque foodhamburgerspizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwichesbreakfast, and ice cream stands.

We've enjoyed conducting these polls. Other than playing a lot of music on the radio and online, it's what we do.

When creating this poll we generalized, meaning that if there were more than one place of business under one brand name, we only listed that business name once.

So here are our results for eastern Maine's "go-to" grocery stores.

#10 - Friends & Family Market, Ellsworth

#9 - P & L Market, Dexter

#8 - Bear's One Stop, Newport

#7 - Bell's IGA, Orono

#6 - Whitney's Family Supermarket, Corinth

#5 - Walmart, various locations

#4 - Shaw's, various locations

#3 - Paradis Shop 'N Save, Brewer

#2 - Danforth's Downhome Supermarket, Hermon

#1 - Hannaford, various locations

Special recognition also goes to Sam's Club in Bangor, the Bayside Market in Milbridge, G & M Family Market in Holden, and the Brewer IGA.

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