Augusta and State Police are looking for a New York woman and her boyfriend who took a 3-year-old girl from her home after her mother suffered a medical emergency.

Emergency crews were called to an apartment on Tuesday morning, to the report of a woman who had suffered a drug-related medical emergency. The woman was treated and taken to a local hospital, but officials became concerned when they realized that 3-year-old Lenore Wilson was not at the apartment.

Police contacted 26-year-old Fatima Gissentaner, a woman who sometimes took care of the child, and she confirmed that she had taken Lenore from the home. She told investigators that she would bring the girl to the department shortly. However, Police have yet to talk with or even see the woman. Lenore was returned to the police later in the afternoon by a third party who said he knew all the parties involved in the incident and, when he came across the child, immediately took her to the police station. He said he knew Lenore was missing because he had received an Amber Alert on his cellphone.

Now, Augusta and State Police want to talk to Gissentaner, who goes by the nickname 'China,' and her boyfriend, who's only known by the nickname 'Dollar' in relation to the incident. reports that police are interested in asking Gissentaner why she promised to bring the girl in and then didn't. There's no word about whether either person has a criminal record but police have said they 'know a lot about' Gissentaner.

Police say Lenore is doing well and decisions will soon be made by DHHS about where she'll be staying. Both her parents, who police have not identified, live in the Augusta area.