Pharrell Williams and his trusty Mounties-style caps are surrounded by a bunch of beauties in his video for 'Marilyn Monroe.' Seriously, the video is populated by some majorly stunning female specimens. They all have their own unique looks, styles and features, but one thing is for sure. They all look good.

Again, we're talking about Pharrell's co-stars, not his hats!

A lot of the action in the video takes place in a ballet studio, before moving to some sort of a dance studio, and then on a rooftop. Through it all, Pharrell remains in the company of women who know how to work, rock and move their incredibly fit bodies at all times.

His hat often matches the color scheme of whatever scenario the singer is in.

There is also a cameo by Kelly Osbourne, where the talk show host brings her signature sass in the break.

Essentially, the 'Marilyn Monroe' video presents itself as eye candy, and not just because it's comprised of lots of ladies. It's bright and colorful, and watching Pharrell dance is always entertaining. So it's a full-service video in that it appeals to all of your senses.

It's a lot to take in, but the plot and narrative aren't super complicated or deep. That allows you to be free to focus on the action that appeals to your eyes.

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