Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne were caught serving some serious PDA this week.

After supposedly sharing a double dinner with her godfather Macaulay Culkin and his companion, former Disney star Brenda Song, Jackson was pictured making out with the 25-year-old British model-actress outside the Carlitos Gardel steakhouse in Los Angeles Thursday night (March 22).

The Paper Towns star and the only daughter of late music legend Michael Jackson have reportedly been enjoying each other's company in recent months, though neither has indicated their bond is anything more than a platonic relationship.

Eyewitnesses noticed the twosome dancing and cuddling together and suggested there might, in fact, be something more to the models' friendship after all.

"Cara was sitting on Paris' lap and they were both smoking outside the restaurant as they waited for their table," a source told E! News. "They took turns stroking each other's backs. When they got up, they linked arms and their hands brushed one another. They slow danced for a few minutes."

The insider continued: "Cara was teaching Paris some steps and they were having a lot of fun. At the end of their dance, they kissed. First Paris kissed Cara's cheek and then they kissed on the lips."

While she has not discussed her sexuality with the public, the Gringo actress once held a brief romance with Michael Snoddy. Delevingne has been openly bisexual since 2015, and previously dated musician Anne Clark, known professionally by her stage name, St. Vincent.

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