While vacant house checks are a routine thing, finding something like this was not!

A post on the Orono Police Department Facebook page showed something startling found in what was thought to be a vacant apartment in Orono. Apparently when Officer Peter Wentworth was doing a check on the apartment after finding a door open he found this at the bottom of the basement stairs.

Yep, that's a clown doll! The Facebook post said:

We clear a lot of apartments/ businesses but this was a first.


I'd be lying if I said that didn't startle us slightly... On a side note, if Stephen King is looking for extras in "It", we found one.

There is no word on how the creepy doll got there or if it was left there. It also seems that the clown may be drinking a beer, perhaps a Pabst Blue Ribbon?  If we were the ones who found it, we would leave it there for sure!

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