A documentary series on PBS will feature Bangor International Airport this week. Apparently Bangor handles a lot of emergency landings.

City in the Sky is a new documentary series on PBS. The show explores the logistics that makes air travel possible. Everything from getting the right luggage on the right flights, to getting the one million people who are airborne at any given minute back down to the ground.

Officials from Bangor International Airport will be featured on the next episode this week. It's featured in a segment on emergency landings.

According to the BDN, Jeremiah Jordan, Acting Chief Air National Guard and Robbie Beaton, Superintendent of Operations, were interviewed for the segment.

In 2012 The Wall Street Journal reported that Bangor International Airport has handled 647 diverted flights since 2005. The most common emergency BIA handles is planes with low fuel.

Catch the episode called 'Arrival' Wednesday night February, 22 at 10 on PBS.

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