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Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Down Following 'Disrespectful' Encounter With Fan

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown shared a video in which she broke down while talking about a "disrespectful" and "uncomfortable" encounter with a fan. The actress said she was out shopping with her mom when a fan began filming her without her consent and refused to stop. (via E! News)

Has Holiday Shopping Moved Completely Online? 

A recent survey found that 52 percent of people plan to do their Christmas shopping completely online. Meanwhile, 30 percent even said that they'd rather step on a Lego piece than enter a crowded store this season. Can't blame them! (via 97th Floor)

It's International Day of Persons With Disabilities!

This year's theme, "Not all Disabilities are Visible," focuses on understanding and spreading awareness of disabilities that are not always visible or apparent to the eye. More than one billion people are living with a disability. (via IDWPD.org)

Swingers Convention Turns Into COVID Super Spreader Event

Out of 300 folks who attended a recent five-day swingers conventions, so far 41 people have tested positive for COVID-19. Yikes! (via TMZ)

Malik Beasley Allegedly Caught Cheating

The NBA star's wife and baby mama, Montana Yao, was blindsided by pics of Beasley and Larsa Pippen after they recently surfaced online. She didn't even know they hung out! Sources say she quickly looked for a divorce lawyer as more women have come forward. (via TMZ)

Harry Styles Claps Back at "Manly Men" Criticism

The "Watermelon Sugar" singer posted a picture of himself dressed in a light blue leisure suit with a white undershirt blouse eating a banana and captioned it "bring back manly men," an iconic clap back after Candace Owens criticized him for wearing a dress in a recent high fashion photo shoot.

Woman Captures Apparent Break-In While Recording TikTok 

Hannah Viverette went viral on TikTok after capturing a man attempt to break into her apartment when she was just trying to recording her dance moves. Cops later arrested the man but he is currently out on bond. (via TMZ)

Snoop Dogg Launching New Pro-Boxing League 

Rapper Snoop Dogg and Ryan Kavanaugh, the co-owner of Triller, are teaming up to launch The Fight Club, a new pro boxing league that is already working on a huge event. (via TMZ)

Cat-Proof Christmas Trees Are Finally Here

Cats and Christmas trees haven't always been a great match, but now there's a tree that's cat-proof: a Nordmann Fir with the lower branches removed! (via IdealHome)

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