Two Mainers are hitting the woods in search of Bigfoot.

Soon you'll see Michael Merchant of Hampden and Kat McKechnie of Bowdoinham on Spike TV's '$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty.' The show is premiering Jan. 10. The show offers up a record breaking cash prize of $10 million to the team that either captures Bigfoot or can provide DNA and visual evidence of the critter's existence. The teams from across the country will search in the remote Pacific northwest, where most sightings are reported.

Merchant studied biology at the University of Maine in Orono and is no stranger to the TV cameras. He's hiked through the jungles of Venezuela on Discovery Channel’s 'Out of the Wild: Venezuela' and provided his expertise in herpetology on Animal Planet’s 'Infested.'

McKechnie studied geology at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. She's no stranger to the paranormal as the co-founder of the Maine Ghost Hunters. She too has made previous TV appearances on the A&E serires 'My Ghost Story.'

Merchant and McKechnie will compete against other teams in weekly challenges, hunting in famous and active Bigfoot locations. They will present what they find to a judges panel.

At the end of the expedition if Bigfoot is not found, the team that presented the most compelling evidence and theories will win $100,000 to continue their search.

My advice: Bring lots of bananas.