A Westbrook woman is facing charges after driving while allegedly under the influence of drugs, and with two children in the car.

State Police started receiving calls about a vehicle being operated erratically and driving into oncoming traffic just after noon on Sunday. Witnesses said two young children had been spotted in the back of the car, which was driven by a woman. The blue Chrysler was traveling on Route 111 in Arundel when bystanders used two vehicles to box it in and called 911. They remained in place until Troopers could arrive at the scene.

Kayla Libby, 31, of Westbrook was arrested under suspicion of OUI and her two young children were put in protective custody with DHHS. The kids have since been released into the custody of a family member. They were not hurt in the incident.

Once at the jail, police say Libby tested positive for central nervous system depressants. She was charged with operating under the influence of drugs, endangering the welfare of a child, and driving to endanger. Bail was set at $1,100.00 cash.

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