For once it isn't Bar Harbor.

Lifestyle website, Impulcity, created a list of what it considers to be the '19 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America.' New England towns in the line up include Woods Hole at #7 and Edgartown at #18. Both are in Massachusetts.

Camden, Maine made the list at #5. Just ahead of the Midcoast gem is #4 is Asheville, North Carolina. Ranking #1 is Beaufort, South Carolina, followed by Holland, Michigan. #19 is Marietta, Ohio.

Impulcity said this of Camden:

What’s that? You don’t think there’s a reason to go visit Maine? That’s cute. The truth is that you couldn’t be more wrong. Bay towns like Camden provide plenty of entertainment for any traveler looking to explore a region of the country that they never thought they’d visit.

Sure, the winters can be pretty brutal at times, but that just makes the winters all the better. Instead of frying in the summer heat in August, you can take a peaceful, temperate stroll down one of the main streets.While it might get a little nippy at times, early to mid fall is the best time to enjoy this spot.

The fall colors form the perfect backdrop to the small town canopy that’s already flourishing with tiny, local shops and plenty of little restaurants that are filled with local fare of all types. There’s something truly special about watching the fog roll off of the bay, surrounded by ships.

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