I'm not exactly sure how this happens, but someone is going to find themselves short on cash today.

Maine State Police posted on Facebook that they found and undisclosed amount of cash on a road somewhere in the Liberty/Montville area in Waldo County.

The amount was not disclosed because they'd like to return the money to whoever lost it, but in order to claim the cash, you need to let them know how much you lost and the road you lost it on.

That could be a challenge though. Let's say for some reason some cash you had in your car suddenly flew out an open window without you knowing it. You might not even know what road you were on when it happened.

Or maybe you don't know how much money you lost. Sure, that's less likely, but I've known a grandma or two to be carrying around a wad of cash and not know how much she had in total.

What a craptastic thing to happen to someone, especially with all that's going on in the world right now.

Either way, I don't envy the job of the State Police to make sure this cash gets back into the proper hands. It's safe to say they may have several people try to claim it. Don't be that person okay?

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