Let's just call it like it is -- when you think of someone with the title/job "CDC Director," for the most part, you think super boring, right? But that's what makes Dr. Nirav Shah, the Maine CDC Director (for the time being anyway), amazing. Because he's one of the most lowkey humorous people around.

Dr. Nirav Shah Leaving Maine

Two weeks ago, Dr. Shah announced that he was going to be leaving the Maine CDC to take on a national position -- basically, second-in-command of the U.S. CDC. Which is great for him, but a loss for us in Vacationland. Because regardless of how you fall politically, Dr. Shah is pretty widely loved.

That said, hopefully, when he eventually leaves the 207 to tackle his new National CDC job, he doesn't lose any of that lowkey humor he's had that has made him so popular for so long.

Netflix Price Increases

The good doctor hit us with some of that humor again yesterday in an absolutely unexpected post on his Twitter page about streaming services. Perfectly timed, since Netflix password sharing costs are being talked about again.

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention / James Yarema / DCL "650" / BoliviaInteligente
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention / James Yarema / DCL "650" / BoliviaInteligente

According to USA Today, by the end of March, Netflix said that it's going to crackdown on free password sharing and hit anyone using an account in multiple homes with an additional fee.

Which triggered Dr. Shah's post about Netflix and other streaming services.

Naturally, the joke went over some Mainers heads (and that's not an insult to anyone -- the jokes are just SO subtle that it won't land with everyone), with some people responding to Dr. Shah's tweet with "yeah, it's called Xfinity/Spectrum/cable."

For the Mainers that did understand the joke, though, they kept the joke subtle and lowkey and rolled with it.

Maybe instead of fancy branded names, they could just use a simple numbering system to organize each streaming service? But the system should start with 2 so nobody fights over who gets to be #1. - @Conathan


Hmmm... What would one call such a magnificent service? Since it'd be rescuing us perhaps "lifeline?" Or wire, chain, rope, maybe cord? - @ArnoldBogis

There was even an old-school TV Guide reference that came out in a comment that Dr. Shah actually responded to.

Never change, Dr. Shah. No matter where you go.

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