The New England Patriots will be sending the Lombardi Trophy to Bangor this weekend and you can have a chance to catch a glimpse at the hardware.

The trophy will be at the Cross Insurance Center in the Grand Ballroom from 1-5 p.m. and fans will be able to view the award along with meeting Pat Patriot and a New England Patriots Cheerleader.

A joint effort by the mayors of Bangor, Brewer, and Portland were made to bring the Lombardi to the area.  The group sent a letter to the team back in February to request the appearance of the award to the state, according to a press release.

"We are very excited and proud to welcome the Super Bowl's Lombardi Trophy to Bangor. We are the first community after the team's visits to Boston and Providence that can view this historic trophy," said Bangor Mayor Joe Baldacci in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

The event will be free to the public, but will require a ticket to event that can be picked up at a first come, first serve basis in the Grand Ballroom entrance at the facility.

The Lombardi Trophy coming to the city is the fifth won by the Patriots in the history of the franchise, and was awarded to New England after the team accomplished the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Bangor Home Show will also be running during the day on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. and officials from the Cross Insurance Center suggest those attending park at the Hollywood Casino parking garage or in the lot at the Cross Insurance Center.

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