We've all heard the stories of people who are angry, even hostile about wearing a mask. Now there's a new campaign in Maine to be kind.


The Portland Press Herald reports that three big retail trade groups started the Let's Be Kind campaign. It's literally a campaign to remind people to be nice!

Businesses are not out to upset you, or offend you. They are just trying to stay in business safely...for everyone involved.


The tagline to 'Let's Be Kind' is 'Doing Business Differently Helps Keep Maine Safe.'  It's the combination of the Retail Association of Maine, the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association. These organizations represent thousands of Maine businesses all trying to operate under state guidelines that usually require facial coverings when out in public. Not everyone follows that guideline.

A lot of people think this is political. For some, it may be - but for most, it's certainly not. It's a simple matter of following safety rules and staying open!

The three main points of 'Let's Be Kind' are to:

  • plan ahead
  • take precautions
  • respect everyone

There will be posters, a social media blitz and, even TV ads starting early July throughout Maine. Just reminding everyone that things may be slower, bring a face covering and just be nice!

Sometimes it truly does feel like it's over...sadly it is not. This is just a reminder that as we all try to get to the other side, we need to be nice to each other.



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