One of Maine's most popular towns is being praised for being one of the coolest in the country.

The folks over at the popular site The Quick Report recently published an article about the coolest towns in America. Maine's representative should come as no surprise, especially if you have spent any time there. That town is Bar Harbor, one of the true gems of the state.

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Bar Harbor is a coastal town, located in the southern reaches of Downeast Maine. The town is mostly known for being home to the majority of Acadia National Park, as well as being a major tourist hub.

Acadia normally sees millions of guests each year, so you can imagine the kind of attention Bar Harbor gets, especially in the heavy tourist months. Fortunately for those tourists, they get to experience a first-class town. Bar Harbor is loaded with delicious restaurants that range from seafood shacks to fine dining. The town also has tons of charming little shops and art galleries. The craft beer scene is solid, and the general setting is second to none.

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There's also a wealth of outdoor activities outside of Acadia. Whale watch tours, sailing charters, kayak tours, bike rentals, and coastal hikes can all be found in this magical Maine town.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is a little from The Quick Report on why Bar Harbor was chosen as Maine's coolest town.

This seaside haven has a look and feel nearly identical to the fictional Cabot Cove of the TV series Murder, She Wrote. The warmer seasons offer a variety of things to do such as sailing, fishing, fresh seafood joints, ice cream shops, and visiting quaint family-run stores.

Cabot Cove is most definitely a Bar Harbor knockoff, right?

Congrats to Bar Harbor on being named the state's coolest town. I strongly recommend a visit if you haven't been. Don't let those tourists scare you away. I promise it will not disappoint.

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