A legendary Maine mountain is receiving national praise, and it really shouldn't be a surprise.

The popular travel site loveEXPLORING released an article listing the most monumental mountains to visit in America. One of the 30 mountains listed was Acadia National Park's own Cadillac Mountain.

The popular coastal mountain is a hotbed of tourist activity, especially right before the sun comes up for the day. It's an ideal location for early birds to watch an amazing sunrise over the bay and park. It's also one of the first places on the continental United States to see the day begin (technically, Lubec and Mars Hill can also claim to be the first to see the sunrise. It all depends on the time of year).

Sunrise in Acadia National Park observed from the top of Cadillac mountain.
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Standing over 1,500 feet tall, Cadillac Mountain is the highest peak in not just Acadia, but all of Hancock County. The summit road is actually so popular that drivers must reserve a pass to make the drive up. However, there's also the old-fashioned way of simply hiking the thing. There are numerous trails with varying skill levels that hikers can take advantage of if driving isn't your thing.

Here's a little from loveEXPLORING on why the site included Cadillac Mountain on this distinguished list.

The pink granite mountain slopes are clad with pine and spruce forests, with the scenic Summit Road carving its way along the northern and eastern side of the mountain until it reaches the top.

Cadillac Mountain is joined by other iconic locations on this list, including New England gems like Mount Washington, Mount Monadnock, and Mount Mansfield. It's nice to see solid Northeastern recognition.

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Interested in witnessing the sunrise or to explore Cadillac's legendary trail system? I suggest checking out Acadia's website to get all the details on how to reserve a car, or to check out the maps. It truly is a "can't miss" location in Maine, and unquestionably one of the prettiest.

Happy hiking...or driving.

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