It goes by the name of Sasquatch or more commonly, Bigfoot. Whatever you want to call the mythical ape-like creature claimed to roam the forests across North America, substantial evidence has yet to be seen. Or has it?

A photo posted on April 26 on the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Facebook claims that Bigfoot, or "a" Bigfoot (?) was caught on camera in the woods near Millinocket, Maine. Is it the real deal?

Let's think about this for a moment, shall we?

According to the details on the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization's "Blogger" page, video was taken by a hiker in 2018 claiming to show Bigfoot walking through the woods in Millinocket. The Sasquatch Organization could not track down the video that the above still was taken from. Surprised? Not me.

That picture looks like someone in the woods dressed in some sort of ape suit. And isn't Bigfoot supposed to be, well...big? Granted he's hunched down, but come on. The believers claim Bigfoot is between 6 and 15 feet tall. For perspective, a basketball hoop is 10 feet off the floor, so no.

The most famous film claiming to show Bigfoot is from 1967 in Northern California. Does this look real to you?

Sorry if you were hoping for some good evidence of Bigfoot right here in Maine, but it's just not real people. Also, the Earth isn't flat either, so stop with that nonsense too.

If there really is a Bigfoot, I just hope he's a robot like the one in the '70s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. With inflation, he'd be the Thirty-Two Million Dollar Man.

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