How amazing is it when you bite into a delicious lobster roll? Incredible, right?

But here's the follow-up question... do you like your lobster rolls hot or cold?

Turns out, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" host and celebrity chef Guy Fieri has an answer to the big debate.

What's the difference between a Maine lobster roll and a Connecticut lobster roll?

You might be surprised to know (or already know because you're wicked smaht) that there are two different kinds of lobster rolls.

First, there is the Maine-style lobster roll, which, according to Food Network, has cold meat and can be topped with "mayonnaise, tarragon and celery or scallions" on a New England-style bun.

On the other hand, raise the temperature of the meat to warm and throw in some butter, and Delish says you've got a Connecticut-style lobster roll.

And of course, it also depends on what seafood restaurant you go to, how they choose to serve up their lobster roll, and your personal preference.

Thankfully, there are so many great places up and down New England, that you're bound to find the lobster roll that is perfect for you.

Guy Fieri Gives Answer to Hot vs Cold Lobster Roll Debate

The Mayor of Flavortown was featured on a podcast recently with Kevin Cooney, who you might recognize from his TikTok and Instagram videos often pointing out his wife's strong Boston accent.

On the podcast, Kevin asked Guy if he preferred hot or cold lobster rolls to which the celebrity chef responded with two answers.

On the one hand, Guy's personal preference as a "fan of lobster rolls" leans toward the Maine-style lobster roll.

He said, "It's gotta be just past cold moving into warm. Not warm but not hot. But you gotta allow it to open up. You gotta allow that lobster to be alive. If it's too cold, you're just eating cold shrimp."

Guy said the key to a good lobster roll is it has to be "of the right temperature. Not too cold but definitely not hot."

On the other hand, picking a side of the debate as just a chef, he would go with hot.

Which Guy Fieri answer do you agree with? Which one is your favorite type of lobster roll?

The debate will likely continue...

You can check out the clip from Kevin Cooney's podcast below.

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