I actually assumed there was more than one already.

Sure, there are other Taco Bell's in the Bangor area, but I was today-years-old when I learned there was only one. It's funny, when I was teenager growing up here in the Bangor area, Taco Bell didn't even exist yet. When I moved to Portland right after high school, there were several, so I got intimately familiar with them.

Hardshell and softshell tacos
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In fact, my favorite location was in the middle of a 7-11, right by my house. I ate so much of it on my way home from gigs/nights out drinking, that I'm pretty sure I may have personally kept the company financially afloat. So back to the point, if you live here in the Bangor area and love Taco Bell, good news seems to be on the way.

It looks like Bangor will be getting a second Taco Bell location.

Right now, there's a joint KFC/Taco Bell on Broadway in Bangor, but a second location is being proposed out by the Mall in the old Heating Lodge spot 740 Hogan Road. If this all passes the Planning Board, then the parent company of Taco Bell will knock down the existing building at that spot and rebuild, according to the BDN. The main purpose  seems to be so they can add additional parking, and put in a drive-thru window.


This still has to be approved by the city, so it's not a done deal yet. But all parties involved seem to have a clear vision of what needs to be done. Besides, there's a lot about the mall area that could use some new energy. If it all happens, construction could begin as early this summer, and we could be scarfing down tacos by winter.

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