Hunting season is as Maine as it gets, in a lot of ways.

I always preface these things by reminding people that I'm not a hunter, but I fully support and advocate for Maine's hunters. It's more than apple pie-ish... It's straight-up baked beans and hot dogs on a Saturday night. Hunting is one tradition that Maine should always embrace and be proud of.


That said, as a person who cooks all these delicious animals, I understand the need to have proper freezer space for all these future meals. You need to have something big enough to hold whatever it is you may bring home from the woods. You need a unit that will keep your forest bounty ready for you at any turn. So wouldn't it be handy to have a more practical unit of measurement than how many cubic feet it is?

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Well, Home Depot has solved that issue.

I can't 100% verify that this Home Depot location is in Maine, but it's totally 100% on-brand for us Mainers. At this location, they made charts showing approximately how many deer, moose, or bear a particular size freezer will hold. For instance, one chest freezer claims it could hold one moose, or four deer. Check it out...

Please tell me these are accurate measurements
byu/fatalrugburn inMaine

Another standup unit claimed that it could either hold one bear, or three deer. Are these measurements accurate? Quite possibly. It's not like you're going to throw a whole deer in there, antlers and all. So if you had 4 deer broken down into their delicious components, they'd likely all fit.

White-Tailed Deer Buck

They say Americans will literally use any unit of measurement other than the metric system, and maybe this is proof... but as someone pointed out in the comments on Reddit, this is actually a lot more useful system then telling the amount of cubic feet or inches, or centimeters. You'll know right away that you can stuff a bunch of Nature's Dinner inside. And that, is wildly useful information.

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