A man from Milo is thought to have perished in a garage fire this past weekend.

Human remains taken from the structure that caught fire have been transported to Augusta for identification.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokeswoman, Shannon Moss, says the authorities believe the remains are that of 76-year-old Dwight Russell.

Russell lived in the home on the property at 61 Elm Street in Milo.

Moss says the Milo Fire Department was called, just after 4 AM Sunday. It was reported that the detached garage/workshop on the property was on fire.

Milo Fatal Fire, Maine Department of Public Safety
Milo Fatal Fire, Maine Department of Public Safety

Once the fire was contained, Firefighters called for the Fire Marshals after finding human remains at the scene. Russell was not accounted for. Authorities expect the State Medical Examiner to confirm that the remains found at the site were his.

Moss says firefighters from the neighboring towns of Brownville, Sebec, and Dover helped with Sunday's incident, along with Milo Police.

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