Here's the latest update from Versant, including a street list by Town where power is expected to be restored by Sunday night, December 25th!

As of Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Day, about 19,000 customers were still without power.
All customers in northern Penobscot County, Island Falls, and the Fort Kent area are expected to have service restored by 10 p.m. today, with the possible exception of customers in locations that are remote, seasonal, or have damage that must first be repaired by an electrician.
The work being done through the rest of today is likely to restore power to the streets listed here. It is not a guarantee that power will be restored. More than one circuit may power a street and additional damage may need to be repaired to fully restore the listed locations. If a customer does not see their location on this list, they should expect to remain without power until at least Monday.
By the end of the day today, Versant expects to have power restored to 80% of customers affected since the height of the storm. Versant Power estimates nearly all customers to be restored by the end of the day Wednesday, with remaining customers being restored on Thursday.
The most up to date information is available on their Live Outage Map.
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