Greenville Police have arrested a man who allegedly stole a truck and seriously injured a Waterville Police Officer, as well as a woman who was with him.

How Was the Officer Hurt?

The incident began just after 3:00 Saturday morning, when Waterville Police Officer Josh Madeiros found a silver Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in the parking lot of a Circle K store on Kennedy Memorial Drive that had been stolen out of Somerset County. Officials say there was a woman in the vehicle, who appeared to be passed out or sleeping, and a male suspect standing behind the truck.

Waterville Police Department
Waterville Police Department

Officer Madeiros approached the man, who immediately became combative and allegedly assaulted the officer multiple times before fleeing in the stolen truck. Madeiros was taken to a local hospital with several injuries, including a broken bone and a concussion.

The Toyota Tacoma was later found abandoned in Fairfield, where another vehicle was stolen. That vehicle was described as a blue 2003 Ford F-250, with Maine license plate 1444ZF.

Waterville Police Department
Waterville Police Department

Where Were the Suspects Arrested?

On Tuesday, Greenville Police received a tip that the couple was hiding out in a vacant camp on Lily Bay Road. Police worked with a deputy from the Sheriff's Office and surrounded the camp. They tried several times to call the suspects out, but when they refused to comply, the officers made entry into the camp and took both suspects into custody without incident.

Waterville Police Department
Waterville Police Department

Who Was Arrested?

Officials say Ricki Gould, 28, is considered a transient but his most recent address was in Corinna. The woman has been identified as Ashlyn Libby. Both people face multiple charges, including burglary and possession of scheduled drugs.

After the incident with the Waterville Police Officer, an arrest warrant was issued for Gould for the following charges:

  • Assault on an officer
  • Refusing to submit to arrest
  • Theft by receiving stolen property.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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