This one doesn't count on the 5 things - it is too obvious. It's Memorial Day weekend and it will be busy.  And most of the camp's camping sites are already reserved, and you can't camp without a reservation.

Photo by asap rocky on Unsplash
Photo by asap rocky on Unsplash


Anyone  16 years and older must have a park entrance pass. Vehicles must display their pass visible through the windshield.  And if you want to drive on the Cadillac Summit Road, you will need to buy a vehicle registration, available only online. So you need to get it in advance.  They are not available for purchase in person at the park.

If Cadillac Summit Road is in your plans for Memorial Day weekend, get online and get the vehicle registration. And all campsites require advance registration at


The fare-free Island Explorer serves most of the park and surrounding communities, except for Cadillac Mountain. Use the bus for a car-free experience.


Pets are welcome, but rules are in effect. All pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet.  And they must be picked up after.


Your safety depends on your own good judgment. Before you set out on a hike on a trail at the park, research it. Hazards and challenges for example.

Don't depend on your cell phone as a map.  Carry a detailed map and extra water.


Leave Acadia as you found it. Or even better should you come across some debris that someone probably from away carelessly left behind? Take out your trash and pet waste.

Walk only on designated trails.

Secure food and take it out. Do not leave it for animals (or other parkgoers)

The weather should be ideal. The location can not be beaten. So if you can handle a busy park, enjoy. And remember there are busy parts of the park, and there are secluded areas too.  Pick which you want. Plan ahead here.

NPS Photo
NPS Photo

Want to learn something else you may not know?

Did you know there are Four National Parks in Maine?

So if you are looking for a different place to explore this long weekend or this summer.  Consider checking out Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, or Roosevelt Campobello International Park, or St Croix International Historic Site.

Did you get all 4?

Go bet a co-worker that they can't name all four.

No matter if it is this weekend, a different weekend, or a quieter mid-week visit this summer to Acadia National Park, enjoy. We are lucky to have it.

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