Crews braved the cold temperatures Sunday night to battle a fire on Essex Street in Bangor.

Was Anyone Hurt in the Fire?

The fire was called in at 9:30 Sunday night. Houses in that part of town are older structures and very close together, so keeping the fire contained to one building had to have been challenging. Bangor Professional Firefighters say, on their Facebook page, that one firefighter was treated and released from the emergency room. Two family pets, a dog and a cat were rescued at the time of the fire and taken to the emergency vet for treatment. Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Emery tells us a third cat was found alive after the fire. The Brewer Fire Department was called in to assist and they report that everyone was able to make it out of the apartment building safely. 7 tenants have been displaced by the fire.

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How Bad Was the Fire?

A video posted on the BPFF Facebook page shows visible flames leaping out of one side of the building, while the other side glows orange. At the start of the video, you can see flames leaping up to the level of the trees. Great work by the Bangor Fire Department, and any other mutual aid crews that helped in limiting the damage to that one structure.

Any Idea How It Started?

Investigators with the Maine State Fire Marshal's Office will now go to work, determining how the fire started.

Mainers are reminded of the importance of having working smoke detectors in their homes to alert them in time to get out. Anyone who doesn't have smoke detectors can get one through the American Red Cross. Their Northern New England Home Fire Campaign not only provides free smoke detectors but also educates people about the importance of fire safety.

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