Last year around this time, I loved listening to the pretty birds singing in the tree in front of my Maine home. But this year is a whole new level of bird song. When I get home from work, birds are literally everywhere. In the trees, on the roof, you name it.

There’s been a wild increase in my feathered friends this year, and I can’t help but wonder what’s going on?

Apparently, the bird people aren't that sure why this is happening either, but they have noticed!

According to Maine Public, 

As of March 2024, some bird species in Maine's North Woods are more abundant than usual, but researchers aren't sure why. One theory is that the North Woods acts as a bird sanctuary, producing birds that return to their birthplace.

The site states that 33 species out of 47 species have increased.

According to Mebirdingfieldnotes and Allaboutbirds, the population of birds go up and down each season for different reasons. One major factor is migration. Many birds travel from their southern wintering grounds to Maine for the summer.

Weather also plays a role in the increase of the birdies. For instance, in September 2023, Maine experienced warm weather, which likely made the birds opt for nature's food over processed seed from feeders.

And lastly, mild weather conditions mean that birds don't need to consume as much supplemental food because they aren't burning as many calories to stay warm at night.

There are a few reasons why we have more birds in Maine this year, and honestly, I welcome it!

I have been lucky enough to spot the most stunning birds such as yellow finch, red robin, and the Maine chickadee.

Have you also noticed more birds in Maine this year?

Let us know! 

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