A dear friend of mine, Wade Light (who owns the travel agency Light Travels), recently posted a video on TikTok that went viral and sparked many opinions and debate.

In the video, Wade recorded the way Gelato Fiasco in Old Port, Maine, solicits tips via digital machine. The TikTok attracted widespread attention and lots of strong opinions.

Currently, the video is sitting pretty at just under one million views, with thousands of likes and comments.

@light_travels The new digital way to tip! #tipping #digital ♬ original sound - Light Travels

It highlights an unconventional method to request tips, which ignited a debate. It’s a modern practice that is picking up steam. Many TikTok commenters posted different reactions.

Some praised how easy and convenient this is, but others criticized how unnecessary it is.This is an increasing trend reflecting the ever-changing attitudes and practices towards tip culture. This has turned into a hot button debate, and even more so now that spots have introduced digital tipping.

In response to the viral attention, Wade states,

I'm thrilled to share that a video I shot about the increasing demand for tipping and the new digital methods of tipping has gone viral! The video resonated with many viewers, sparking a lively conversation about the evolving landscape of tipping culture in our society. Thank you to everyone who watched, shared, and contributed to the discussion!

How should you handle digital tipping these days? If you don’t tip, will the employees think less of you? If you do tip, are you double-tipping since your initial purchase might have been enough?

The video's popularity shows the shift within tipping, technology, and consumer behavior. Technology is changing the norms, and many of us are unsure how to deal.

One commenter highlighted the following:

I think the government needs to make a law the requires everyone to get paid a livable wage so we don’t have to tip, cuz we are paying for their wages while the employee is saving that money to buy his jet.

Sometimes I even get confused with the digital tipping, as well as tech prompts, payment machines, mobile apps, and those damn QR codes. Don’t get me started on QR codes.

Some people argue that this is a regular progression, helping to make things more convenient and quick, but the pressure as to what to do is real.

What do you think?

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