Beach season is upon us. Umbrellas, sea gulls, and sand in your butt crack. I am excited, and I know you are too!

Maine has some of the most stunning beach havens, perfect for those who want to take it easy and just be lazy. Let me shine a light on a couple spots where you can be as laid-back as you please.

According to Travel and Leisure, two towns in Maine have been named "Best Laid-Back Beach Towns" in the United States.

The two towns this article highlights are Ogunquit and Castine, Maine.

Ogunquit may be small with just under 2,000 residents, but its charm is huge, according to the post! This coastal gem is widely recognized as one of the best towns in America. But to me and a lot of others, it is especially visited and loved for many in the LGBTQ+ community, where equality and support are embraced!

So kick back in Ogunquit this summer and know that it is a judgement-free zone, ready to welcome you with open arms!

Johanna Robinson via Unsplash
Johanna Robinson via Unsplash

Castine, Maine, peacefully sits within the Penobscot Bay, with small islands and pristine beaches. Apart from kicking it and laying back on the shores, you can also wander through the historic old military forts!

One of the most unique things about the beaches in Castine are their unspoiled nature.

A lot of other beaches in Maine are highly trafficked and built on with tourists and attractions, but that is not the case for Castine.

Check out these beaches that are incredible relaxing and right here in Maine!

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