As the son of an Aroostook County potato farmer, I spent much of my childhood surrounded by tractors, harvesters, and potato barrels.

My life was not all about growing crops, though.  I had my fair share of time with livestock.  In addition to my family's farm, my uncle had a sizeable dairy farm.  So, yes, I spent quite a lot of time around cows.

However, I never saw anything like this!

Recently, triplet cows were born in the small town of Orland, Maine.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the cows were born on April 27, and are named Teeny, Tiny, and Moe.

The article explains that a cow having triplets is extremely rare.  How rare?  Cow triplets happen in about 1-in-100,000 births.

Richard Lord, whose family has been farming in the area for eleven generations, explained that he arrived at the barn to find one calf wandering around.  He brought the male calf to its mother and went on with his day.

The article explains that a few hours later, Richard Lord kept hearing a calf making noise.  When he went to investigate, he found two more calves.

At first, he thought they were from different pregnant cows.  After he checked the other expectant cows, Lord's daughter suggested that the cows were triplets.  It turns out that was it.

Last year, one of Lord's cows had twins, which is also pretty rare.

In the article, he joked that there might be something in the broccoli that he feeds his cows.

The article quotes Lord as saying:

God knows what I’ll have next year


Are you in the farming industry?  Have you ever seen anything like this?  Let us know by sending us a message in our app.

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