Maybe it is because the country has been enthralled by Stephen King movies for the last three decades, that so many Downeasters are becoming stars on TikTok, or that so many celebrities have decided to vacation in Maine.

Whatever the reason, people seem to find the Mainer (Mainah) accent extremely sexy.

Know for having a lack of pronounced 'Rs' and unique slang, the Maine accent has once again landed near the top of the list of sexiest accents in the United States.

According to a recent survey done by Enjoy Travel, the Maine accent came in #4 on the list of sexiest accents.

The website says, in part:

The Maine accent is surprisingly popular, ayuh! If you’re a real “Mainah”, you’ll drop your ‘r’s, go to “yoger” class instead of yoga and add in wicked to make every adjective extra powerful.

The Texas accent topped the list. In second place was the Boston accent, New York came in 3rd, Chicago came in 5th, Mississippi was in 6th place, and the Hawaiian accent came in 7th place.

As it is a top 50 list, we understand why they needed to gloss over the list of sexiest accents, but the list missed the nuances of the different accents found throughout the state.

For example, the typical 'Maine' accent is only found in certain parts of the state, mainly along the Midcoast of the state.

In the central part (and much of the southern part) of the state, there is no detectable accent.

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And believe it or not, there is a southern drawl in the accent of many of the people from Aroostook County.  As a native of that part of the state, I always assumed it was because of the influence of the truckers.

What is your opinion?  Do you agree?  Let us know by messaging us in our app.

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