Gen Z brought their unique sense of humor to Coachella this past weekend when a person with road rage tried to dampen the musical mood.

In a viral TikTok video uploaded by user @okmilmil, a group of young people hilariously torment and tease a "road rager" while stuck in traffic after the festival.

The video shows a girl dancing and singing along to PinkPantheress and Ice Spice's radio smash "Boy's a Liar."

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Suddenly, her friend joins in. Eventually, others run up to join the group as the disgruntled driver they're singing to watches angrily from his vehicle.

Watch the clip, captioned "Gen Z makes fun of a road rager after Coachella using TikTok," below:

"How u get road rage after coachella ... u already knew it was gonna happen," one viewer commented on the clip.


"I’m assuming none of these people knew each other and it makes this so much funnier," someone else wrote.

In the comments section, the user who uploaded the video alleged the driver had been racist to her friend, which is why the other people got out of their cars to make fun of him in the first place.

"He was just being racist to my friend and she put him in his place right before they came over to make fun of him for being racist," @okmilmil wrote.

This year's Coachella festival features historic headlining sets from Blackpink and Bad Bunny among others.

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