No way, say it isn’t so. Believe it or not, fruitcake is indeed people’s favorite at Christmas time in two states, but not ours. Yeah, I just said "Thank God" under my breath.

Any idea why the Carolinas love fruitcake? And you’d think California would have picked vegan cookies, but no. That was Missouri.

America seems more and more divided every day this survey is just one more example. Christmas cookies isn’t the most popular answer. Cake is. Thanks to the inclusion of cheesecake which 9 states named as their favorite.

Oh, Maine picked chocolate truffle as favorite Christmas treat. Sort of surprised, but sure glad it’s not fruit cake, or vegan cookies.

Hot Chocolate and egg nog are the two favorite beverages. I guess alcohol wasn’t included in the study. And I wonder why Hot Chocolate would be the favorite in Arizona, where’s it’s warm all winter long. Guess that’s no stranger then fruitcake being the favorites in North and South Carolina, unless they’re using them for doorstops or something.


Here’s to cakes and pies and cookies and cheesecake and chocolate truffles and gingerbread and Christmas candies. And here’s to a Merry Christmas to all. We’re going to have to look at a diet early in 2021.

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