Living in this Bangor apartment got me interested in paranormal investigation, because it's insanely haunted.

When I moved to Bangor in 2008, I lived in a tiny apartment on Broadway. I would later discover through research the building was once a large mansion, which was later divided into apartments. Though it was a micro-apartment, it featured high ceilings with crown molding, a marble fireplace, and an old chandelier. It wasn't long before I noticed strange occurrences in my new home.

It started with occasionally finding a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen open, or finding lights on when they off when I left for class. It would escalate quickly as a spirit would start doing these actions in front of my eyes. After a few years of dealing with the haunting, I saw her.

One night, I saw a strange reflection in the glass doors at the end of a hallway. I turned to see a woman standing in the door of my bathroom. I blinked a few times, sure that I was not seeing what I was seeing. She turned away from me, and walked into the dark room. Like every idiot in a horror movie, I went to investigate, and found no one there.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Meida
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Meida

Another night, a lady friend and I had turned the lights out for bedtime. While dozing off we both were awakened by a bright light that shot from the floor to the ceiling. I flipped the light on and snapped a picture with my phone where I saw the light anomaly. Above is what I captured. The camera resolution is awful, I know. We grouped the photo zooming in on what looks like a white mist. The top image is the original, zooming in closer in the bottom two. The image was taken without flash, and hasn't been altered in any way.

The final straw would happen a few years later. It started feeling normal living in a haunted house. I got used to the activity, and starting gaining interest in paranormal research. However, this event was too much for me to handle at the time. I woke after my bed violently shook. As I opened my eyes, there stood the woman I saw years prior. She wore a white dress, and was humming a soft tune. Her humming morphed to a screeching, as she dissolved into thin air.

I moved out the following week.

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