We've all been there, frantically looking both to the left and to the right with our foot squashed down on the brake pedal, wondering if our life insurance is up to date.

Parking lots in the Bangor area, aren't some of them fun to maneuver in?  Why yes, they are.

It's not the fault of any store, owner, manager or employee. We also know how expensive it can be to fix things up and make them better. We're certainly not telling you to avoid any of these areas just because of what we have to say. We're just telling you to be on the ball behind the wheel, perhaps more so than you normally would be. We're talking race car driver on the ball.

At times you just have to wonder, were the engineers that devised some of these confusing parking lots sitting in front of the draft board at night consuming far too many cocktails?  We think they may have been.

You've been through many of these, and you may or may not agree. But, these are what we think are some of the worst parking lots in our area to drive through.  Buckle up.

Here's 6 Of The Worst Parking Lots In Bangor & Brewer

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