The superstition behind the window placement is strange, too...

These slanted windows are not common in modern homes but in the 19th century in New England you could find them in many homes.

They have quite a few names actually, but the most common is a 'Witch Window'. Other names include 'Coffin Window", or 'Vermont Window'. Witch Windows are most commonly found in Vermont, but you see them all the time in Maine, too!

While it's most likely the windows are placed diagonally under a roof line to allow in light and a breeze where a window couldn't normally fit, that is not what the superstition says.

The reason they are called 'Witch Windows' is because legend says a witch cannot fly her broom crooked or sideways, meaning here she would not be able to fly through this window on her broom.

Have you ever seen a witch window? Do you have one in your home?

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