If you play word association with an out-of-stater who has any base level knowledge of New England, they'd probably list off a few staples for the word Maine: Lobster, Moxie, and Moose. 

The first two are relatively easy to find. The third, however, is a bit more elusive. I've lived in Maine my entire life and I've only ever seen a moose in the wild one time... Or so I'm told. I was too young to remember anything about the encounter or truly appreciate the massive creature.

I've met tourists who list "finding a moose" on their Maine bucket list. Can you just find a moose? Can you just find a moose? Where do they hang out? Once you find them, are they afraid of people and high-tail it out of there? Do moose even have tails?

I'm really curious about how to find a moose... So if you've ever seen a moose in real life, share your photos! Tell me your secrets! 

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