Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Verona Island!

A town that is independent in many ways. Literally, because you need to use bridges to access the town! They also have survived independently, without have to join with another town for success.

Success is something Verona has had for years beginning in the early 1800's with many fishermen and sheep herders living and working on the island. Forestry and farming was successful here though the mid to late 1800's and shipbuilding became a busy trade here as well. In fact Verona Island is where Robert E. Peary's ship the 'Roosevelt' was built here. The ship he used for his expedition to the North Pole!

The town has also had many names including 'Orphan Island' when General Henry Knox left the land to his orphaned grandchildren. Henry Knox was a prominent part of this areas history as is evident with nearby Historic Fort Knox. Today the town is named after the beautiful town in Italy.

Here are some photos of Verona Island we found on Instagram:


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