BIG news came out of Boston yesterday when it comes to TD Garden and how they plan on operating as far as the city fully re-opening this Saturday goes, and now we have our answer:

Starting this Saturday, in alignment with the full re-opening of Boston, TD Garden will upgrade to nearly full capacity!

It's been a long road of mostly emptiness for a good chunk of the last year at TD Garden, with the NBA and NHL both adopting the "bubble" strategy which kept players in a remote location for months that allowed for them to play safely while remaining in place until the season was over, so as to not bring COVID in from the outside.

While the current seasons have been much different and no bubble exists, it was only 2 weeks ago on May 10, according to TD Garden, that they were able to allow fans into games in a 25% capacity only.

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images
Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

After word came that Boston was going to full re-open on May 29, TD Garden had to get with both the Celtics and Bruins organizations, who then had to roll up to their respective league officials to get the go-ahead to open up capacity. (After all, by allowing more fans in buildings, you're opening up the risk to exposure between fans and players, who will then travel to other cities and courts and interact with other players and fans, etc.)

Thankfully, both leagues gave the go-ahead, which brings us to this Saturday being the first day that the Garden will be nearly fully open. However, just because there will be near-full capacity, doesn't mean restrictions won't be in place still. Fans must follow both the NBA and NHL guidelines of wearing masks and following the Play It Safe protocol.

It's also looking like, according to TD Garden, full 100% capacity will be restored on August 22, as the City of Boston has approved it, pending public health metrics.

We're getting there! Before you know it, we'll ALL be gathered back at the Garden for hockey, basketball, concerts, monster truck shows and other events like it, pro wrestling, graduations -- we're getting there!

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