If you want to see anywhere from 150 to 350 cars, together in one place, you are in luck. All different types of cars, and car enthusiasts from all over Maine.

Tonight Pine State Automotive Enthusiasts host another Bangor Car Meets event. Between 6 and 8 p.m. at the Bangor Mall, outside where Sears used to be. Easiest directions, enter across from Staples.. Enter and exit slowly and carefully.

Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios
Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

These are becoming a weekly occurrence thanks to Ty Taylor

“I'm really trying to "Bridge  the gap"  between the younger generation and classic car owners.   I hosted the final Cruise-in at Nicky's Diner when they closed and would love to extend the invitation to not only modern car enthusiasts but to classic car owners as well.   Maine has a very unique car scene and I would love to  encompass all aspects of car enthusiasts.  Classics, muscle cars, imports, drag cars, tuners, motorcycles, Trucks etc. We all share the same passion I just want to work  together to create an atmosphere where we can all share our love for anything with wheels.”

This will be the 7th meet this year. And again tonight, they are offering attendees the opportunity to drop off donations at the meet to benefit The Union Street Brick Church Bangor. There will be a vehicle on site that will accept Non-Perishable Food donations and/or  cash donations along with any lightly used clothes.

Last week a trunk full of snacks and toiletries was collected and given to Shaw House in Bangor, where they assist homeless youth.

See all the cars, meet and chat with a few new friends, and do good deeds in the community. Win Win.

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