It's hard to tell from year to year if ticks are getting any worse. It seems impossible to think, actually. It literally doesn't seem possible it could get any worse. Personally, my wife and I pull about 10-15 ticks a day off our dog. And that's just on him, We usually can pull several off us as well.

This year could very well be worse than others because our winter was so mild and snowless. To kill off ticks from one year to the next, you need a super cold, very snowy winter. You know, like the kind we used to have when we were kids. But this winter, we didn't really get either of those things.

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Fast forward to now, when they're everywhere. To the point I feel like I should somehow be charging them rent to live on my property. But there really is a bit of a trick/technique to getting them off properly. Doing it wrong could lead to leaving parts of the tick in your skin (insert vomit emoji here). Check out this video on how to do it right...

So, obviously the best way to do it is with one of those little spoons. I got mine on Amazon for $4 or $5, but the state of Maine will be happy to send you a couple for free. You can go right here and order them, and the state will provide two per household. Or depending on the need, they will provide a business with up to 30.

Again, they're not expensive to buy, but if the state wants to hook me up with something for free, I'll take it. And honestly, the ones from the state look better than the ones I bought online. These ones look like they scoop the tick up quite nicely. No matter which one you get though, removing one will still gross you out pretty hard.

At any rate, just remember the tick basics, and you'll probably be ok. Just always do body checks on yourself and your outdoor pets. And remove any you find. And now that you've seen this sweet video, and ordered your free removal spoon, you will pretty much be a tick defense soldier. Be careful out there....

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