Before we begin, let's look back!

Hard to believe that our 12th annual "Free The Z" turkey drive is just a couple weeks away! This is the Z's 12th year, but I can't even remember how many years I have been living out there. Our old friend Cori started this tradition back in 2001. I think this is my 8th year, but again, it's a little foggy.

As we get closer, I decided to dig around and find some photos from the last couple of years, roughly 2010-2012. It gives you an idea of what this event is all about. The best part is a very naive and young looking Paul Wolfe...hahahaha!

"Free The Z" is such a great cause that not only helps those in need in our area, but brings out hundreds of Z listeners and people in our community. It all starts on Tuesday morning, November 19th at 6am in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot. We hope to see you there.

Here is a pic of our setup at headquarters in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot.

This is myself with the lovely Nancy of Mon Ami in Bangor. Nancy is the woman who has the unfortunate task of cutting my hair.

Here is Sabrina, modeling a "Free The Z" T-shirt.

We have encountered just about every type of weather out there...Bitter cold winds, downpours, warm and sunny days. No snow...yet

A very youthful looking Paul Wolfe here. Straight up "gangsta"

The one and only Todd Simcox! Our friends and Todd in particular, are always there to help.

Paul Wolfe and myself taking a breather after drinking 15 Red Bulls and 10 cups of coffee.

Breezy and I, in our "Regis and Kelly" or "Donnie and Marie" pose.

TV talk show stud Danny Cashman, who has hosted "Free The Z" with me twice and we had a blast.

Breezy and her little one:)

Here I am with the coolest dog ever.

Waving the flag high for our sponsor Supercuts!

A listener dropped this off...

The kiddos love to come see us!

A rare, clean shaven picture of me.

A I recall, it was about 10 degrees in this one, with a nasty wind chill...brrrr.

Paul and Breezy takin' it easy

My friend Michelle and her boys hang with Sabrina and I.


Love it when schools, businesses and organizations.