An explosion has been reported at the paper mill in Jay.

The large explosion at the Androscoggin Paper Mill was reported at around noon on Wednesday. No one was hurt in the blast.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, a company spokesperson said the rupture happened in a portion of the mill known as the Digester but, at this point, there's no indication what caused it to explode. Investigators will spend the night looking for the source of the explosion. She said the debris that scattered around the mill area is a combination of wood fiber, water, and a pulping chemical. Company officials will be working with environmental experts, in the coming days, to deal with any environmental impact.

Gov. Janet Mills asked people to stay away from the scene as rescue crews respond.

“I am closely monitoring all information concerning the explosion at the Androscoggin Mill in Jay. Officials with the Department of Public Safety are on scene, along with first responders, and more are on the way. I will be in close contact with public safety officials regarding further developments and to direct all necessary state resources," Mills said.

Truck driver Rick Pratt, of Richard Currier Trucking, was in line at the mill when the explosion happened and caught it on video. (Warning: strong language)

Fire crews from several departments were sent to the mill, as well as investigators from the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Verso sold the mill in February to Pixelle Specialty Solutions, LLC.

We'll update this story as more details are released. 

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