Sure, you could buy an island in Maine for a few million dollars, or you could pool your money with a few friends and drop a couple grand on an island rental for an unforgettable weeklong adventure.

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Vladi Private Islands has Spectacle Island in Frenchman's Bay, Maine listed for rent. Starting at hefty $8,000 per week, you have access to all the island's amenities including the rustic main house and bunk house sleeping up to 12 people, a massive movie screen, fireplace, kayaks and sailboats, and more.

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Tucked away in Frenchman’s Bay, the unforgettable Spectacle Island awaits all those looking for an all-American adventure in traditional surroundings. Gaining its name from its unusual appearance, this picturesque private island is the perfect destination for all those looking to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Want to rent Spectacle Island, or any other island in Maine? Here's the info.

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