October Snow

Drivers are advised to slow down and use their winter driving skills today as a mixed bag of precipitation is proving challenging.

One of our listeners,Jim Flanders, notified us this morning that he was seeing a lot of spin-outs and cars off the road, due to snowy conditions. He sent us the above photos, that were taken about 5 miles north of exit 157 in the Newport area. And the Maine Forest Rangers posted a video on Twitter that shows a bad accident in Devereaux Township. The driver in that accident received minor injuries. We also received a report, at 8:30 this morning, that Route 2 in Corinth was blocked because of a downed telephone pole.

WABI-TV 5's Todd Simcox told us this morning that, across the state, there will be a little bit of everything, from rain to snow, and a mix of both, depending on whether you were inland, on the coast, or in the mountains. And Mainers know that means keeping an eye on the thermometer and on the sky, being ready to slow down, and adjusting to the road conditions.

511 New England to see if there are any delays along your route. Fasten your seat belt and don't tailgate, to give yourself plenty of room to stop on icy roads.


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