Claim one of 60 still adoptable flower beds in downtown as your on personal project! Take a look at their flower bed map and select your spot for the summer.

This is just the thing we need now, when it's starting to look like we will never see the ground or flowers again! The Downtown Bangor Adopt-a-Garden program is back and about 60 of more than 100 city garden beds are ready to be adopted!

There are about 140 beds to adopt but because some have already been claimed by returning gardeners there are only about 60 left, and they go quick! Check out the map below to see where gardens are still available. The available gardens are marked with red and clicking on their marker will give you info and bed number.

Some of the previous beds had a theme, supported a cause, contained a specific flower or was a mixture of different types. It is up to you what you do with your bed.

The size, shape, and location of the beds are different so be sure to find one you think is good for you! To sign up to adopt a garden click here!

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