Whether it's because of our picturesque winters or the talented actors with connections to our state, all of these movies have a connection to Maine.

What Makes Maine Such a Great Holiday Movie Destination?

I guess it's no surprise that so many holiday movies have been set in Maine, where there's almost always snow in the winter and filmmakers don't need special effects to show visible breath when talking outside. But not all the movies on our list were filmed in Maine. Some were just set in Maine but filmed in other states, or they feature actors with ties to Maine. But, in one way or another, they're all somehow related to Maine.

Is There Something Wrong With California for Christmas Movies?

I've often wondered how people on the West Coast get into the Christmas spirit. Palm trees and warm temperatures just don't say 'Christmas' to me. But, I suppose it's all in what you're used to. I have a former classmate who lives in California and used to call me on Christmas Day to tell me about his trek into the mountains for a snowball fight and then back to the warmth of the city. Nope. Wouldn't work for me.

Are All of These Movies Available to Watch?

Not all of these movies will be easy to find. Some are older, and others were just...well...not that good, to begin with. But if you can find them, it might be fun to have a 'Maine-based Christmas film fest.' And let's face it, bad movies can be as much fun to watch as good ones. Pop some corn and warm up some cocoa. Or maybe you prefer to chill the Moxie and cut up some whoopie pies. Whatever your preference, here are some suggestions for your holiday viewing pleasure.

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Whether it was the wintry landscape used as a backdrop or an actor with ties to the state, all these movies are somehow connected to Maine.

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