When Cody Simpson released his video for 'Surfboard,' we had two reactions. The first was that we loved the retro-meets-edgy take for the visual. Our second thought was wow -- this is definitely a new, more mature side of Cody. It turns out that's exactly what the singer was going for!

"At this point in my life, just moving on to the next phase of my career, and a new phase in my career and my life, be able to be in the studio with no boundaries because of how old I am," he told PopCrush. "There used to be so many boundaries and people would box things up because I was so young. And obviously, that's very understandable and you want to be able to abide by those rules, but now be able to go in with a certain amount of freedom and total artistic control of everything and be able to experiment and do things because I want to try them."

Pushing the boundaries is precisely what Cody does in the 'Surfboard' visual, which shows him sanding his own surfboard and dancing in an almost-empty pool. He opened up to us about what it what it was like filming in the still water and, of course, what happened to the surfboard from the video.

It's been a busy year for the singer, who competed on the 18th season of 'Dancing With the Stars.' He revealed which dance was the trickiest for him to master -- and how learning it helps his music career!

Check out all of this and more in the video above!

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Cody Simpson

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